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Services Offered by Eddy Basch D.O.

Treatment of Sports and Accidental Injuries to all the muscles and joints of the body such as Wipe Lash to the neck, hip, shoulder, knee and back injuries.

Treatment of Occupational and Repetitive Strain Injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder and others.

Preventive Care: Postural correction and remediation for chronic problems such as Degenerative Disk Disease, Arthritis and Scoliosis to reduce pain and increase function.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation to restore functional mobility as for instance after reconstructive knee surgery to restore range of motion or after abdominal surgery to eliminate pain due to adhesions and scar tissue.

Paediatric Care: Verification and treatment of newborn children with birth injuries due to difficult or prolonged labour or by the use of suction.  We treat a wide range of childrens’ problems such as skull deformities, torticollis, colic, difficulty breast feeding, middle ear infections, as well as postural and developmental problems.

Pregnant Woman: Treatment of problems such as Lower Back Pain, Sciatica as well as dysfunctions of the Pelvis, Sacrum and Coccyx to better accommodate the baby and prepare for Birthing.

For Consultations in Montreal call:  514-816-8894

Clinic Champagneur

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