Meet Eddy Basch

There’s too much static out there. It’s information overload!

Dear noble friends,

In life, we all need to make choices.  Choices about our health and well being are particularly important to everyone. These days there are mountains of information out there. A lot of it can be erroneous and misleading.  Naturally, we need qualified people whom we can trust and rely upon to filter through the massive amounts of information out there and provide us with qualified opinions on important health issues.

Nobody is an expert on every subject

That’s why I also rely on credible experts and sources of information to complement the knowledge and understanding I have on certain subjects of health care and well being.

My motivation in creating this website is to help you and your loved ones be as healthy as you can be, whether that means maintaining and improving upon your health, or rebuilding it with the best possible information and resources available. The bottom line is to provide reliable and practical information to help you make proper choices about what is most important to you and your family’s health.

I do this through my osteopathic training and draw upon my many years of clinical experience having treated thousands of patients. I provide reliable information about issues that I commonly encounter in my clinical practise because I know that many people could benefit from this. To broaden the scope and depth of information that I provide, I invite certain experts in Health Care and related fields to expand upon subjects that concern us all.

For many years I have been recommending certain products to my patients which can help them regain or maintain good health and function. All of these products are carefully researched and I consider them to be the best available. These are the same products that my family and I use.  I would like to be clear that money generated by the sales of these products helps to finance this website and a portion of the funds also goes to various well recognized charitable organizations.

My Qualifications

First and foremost I am an Osteopath having received my training in Canada. Here, as in many parts of Europe, Osteopathy is taught as a discipline unto itself, just as Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine are.  During my undergraduate years, I studied Human Physiology at McGill University and I also completed a joint honours degree in Philosophy and Comparative Religion.

As an Osteopath, I take a whole person approach searching for underlying causes of a problem and not just treating the symptoms. Preventive care is a big part of what I provide by encouraging constructive attitudes and lifestyle changes that promote long term health benefits.

My Clinic

Over the years, I have had the privilege of treating people from all walks of life. I regularly help pregnant women throughout all phases of pregnancy as well as newborn infantsChildren of all ages are also among my regular patients. Professional Dancers and athletes are regularly referred to me as are ‘Deskbound Workers’ with acute and chronic problems. My goal is not just to address the problems at hand, but to look for long term solutions.

Personal  Profile

Over the years I have benefited from excellent teachers and mentors and had the privilege of treating and getting to know literally, thousands of individuals.

As an Osteopath in practise since 1998 and as a student and teacher in the Martial Arts for better than 25 years, I have developed extensive knowledge, intuitive understanding as well as certain practical skills related to health, healing and personal development.

In my daily practise, I draw upon this expanding reservoir of experience to continue in my passion and chosen occupation, which is, to help people regain health, create balance in their lives and help them manifest, what is truly important to them.

I believe that a powerful force for change is one that demonstrates what is possible by example. And therefore, I have developed a certain ‘Art and Science’ of living which is a synthesis of all that I’ve learned and by which I live. Now, I am so happy and grateful to be able to share my vision and passion, for better living, with you.

Welcome to all.